pro power 520 machinePRO POWER 520 Electric Filing MachineThe Pro Power 520™ compact filing machine is capable of accomplishing a variety of Manicure and Pedicure tasks. This Drill includes a Diamond Bit, Sanding Mandrel and Sanding Bands.

- 20,000 RPM
- Variable speed control
- High torque
- Hand piece locking chuck
- Use standard 3/32" bits
- Forward/Reverse switch
- Compact power
- Full one year warranty
portablemachinePRO POWER 20K Rechargeable Electric FileThe Pro Power 20K is a high quality, Top of the Range manicure and pedicure file. Its compact, cordless, rechargeable design allows for convenient portability making it a versatile filing system for any work station. This light-weight machine offers up to 10 hours of working on a battery!

- 30,000 RPM
- Rechargeable
- Up to 10-hour battery
- Variable speed control
- Forward and Reverse operation
- Locking chuck - Easy bit change using no tools
- Uses standard 3/32" bits
- High torque
- Quiet operation
- No vibration
- Full one year warranty
cc17CERAMIC BITSCERAMIC Bits assorted for acrylics and gels.R250
mandrelSanding Band MANDRELMandrel for Sanding BandsR100
undernail cleanerUNDERNAIL Cleaner Bit - Silver - CC4CUnder nail CLeaner Bit.R250
sanding bandsSanding BandsSanding Bands come in FINE or MEDIUM grit.10pcs - R40
20pcs - R70
50pcs - R155
100pcs - R275
cuticle bitSWISS CARBIDE - SC52 - CUTICLECUTICLE Bit. An absolute must-have.
Shorten the prepping time with this miraculous bit!
Used for cleaning the area around the cuticle while prepping as well as after the product application to smoothen the product near the cuticle and side walls.
Swiss Carbide lasts 4-5 times longer than the normal carbide bits.
swiss sc11c bitSWISS CARBIDE - SC11CBulk Removal Bit.
Swiss Carbide lasts 4-5 times longer than the normal carbide bits.
swiss safety bitSWISS CARBIDE - SC5CSAFETY Bulk Removal Bit.
Cannot cut!
Swiss Carbide lasts 4-5 times longer than the normal carbide bits.
bulk bitCC 11 Coarse Bit - SilverR250
DIAMOND BITS - ManicureDiamond Bits assorted for machine manicure.R160
DIAMOND BITS - PedicureDiamond Bits assorted for machine pedicure.R270
Silicone BITS (Buffing)Silicone Bits for buffing and smoothing the surface.R150