dehydratorNail Fresher - 14mlDehydrator. Used as a first step in nail prepping. R80
primerPrimer - 14mlVery strong Primer. No sticky layer. Used to prevent product lifting. Allow to dry fully prior to product application.R80
ultrabondUltrabond (Non-Acid Primer)Non-Acid Primer. Dries to a sticky layer.R150
white builder gel 15_enlNail ClampThe best nail pinching tool on the market!
Wide contact zone allows to pinch the nail from different angles. Rubberized surface with special grooves for the side walls increase the precision and decrease the pressure sensitivity.
french white 15_enlCuticle OilsMineral oils:
- Freesia and Cranberry
- Watermelon and Aloe
- Rose and Almond
14ml - R55
25ml - R90
finish gel qf3QF3 Finish GelGlass Finish Gel for acrylics without sticky layer.
- Thin consistency.
- Brilliant shine.
- Does not crack.
- UV / LED.
9ml - R192
14ml - R270
third step 15_enlQF4 Finish Gel - 9mlGlass Finish Gel without sticky layer. Thick consistency. Recommended for use with MIRROR Gel Polishes. Does not glow in the UV lamp. UV / LED.R192
rubber matte topRubber Matte Finish Gel - 9mlVery Matte Finish Gel with sticky layer. Thin consistency. Can be used with all systems. UV / LED.R192
Cuticle Softener/RemoverJelly textured gel for cuticle softener.14ml - R55
100ml -R135