All GELLIANT Gel Polish Collections:      9ml – R192

Gel Polish Base:       9ml – R192

 Gel Polish Top:       9ml – R192

Base&Top:       9ml – R235       14ml – R295

CLASSIC Collection – beautiful everyday classic colours.
AROMA Collection – Bright, juicy colours. Highly pigmented. All colours are fragranced. Nice thick consistency.
NEON Collection – Very bright colours. Shine in the lamp. Highly pigmented. Nice thick consistency.
THERMO Collection – change colours depending on temperature, hot or cold.
MIRROR/CHROME Collection – Stunning colours, providing metallic effect. Must be used with own finish.
CAT’S EYE Collection – Magnetic gel polishes, creating 3D depth, imitating cats’eye.

Resize of NEONS and AROMAS

Resize of CLASSIC GP-2

Thermos chart

Resize of CAT Eyes

Resize of MIRRORS

Resize of one_step